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Great Android Apps: Pop Icon Quiz

Pop Icon Quiz: Guess at ...

LDS Scripture Games - Scripture Golf Walkthrough (Android)

Download from the play store: LDS Scripture Games is a collection of word-based scripture games for Android. In this video I quickly walk ...

New Facebook Reactions Review! - 5 Emojis Facebook Should've Created

Facebook Reactions are the coolest new emojis on the internet. But do they really convey everything we want to say to our "friends?" Of course not! So Landon ...

the Victory App Tutorial

Not sure how to use the Victory App? We'll walk you through how to use it to kick porn in the face.

The American Bible Challenge on UP

Watch 'The American Bible Challenge' Thursday nights at 9&10pm et on UP!

How I use the LDS Gospel Library app during early morning seminary as a teacher

I have been an early morning seminary teacher for 3 years, and thought I would try to help other seminary teachers out by showing how we use technology in ...

Flavor Pitch Ep 4 w/ The Merrell Twins and Mr. Cory

The Merrell Twins and their mentor Mr. Cory work with a team of flavor creators, designers, and an unexpected guest to come up with their original Fruitocracy™ ...


Tyga needs to pay up! » KIM KARDASHIAN'S FIRST BABY PHOTO OF SAINT WEST! - Kylie Jenner's car might get repossesed by the bank!

StudyPro Apple Demo 2.01.mp4

Comprehensive Demo of the 2012 UPCI Bible Doctrine Study Pro App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For use with Junior and Senior Divisions. Written by ...

EWTN Bookmark - 2016-04-03 - Biblezon Tablet

Mosongo Osong introduces features from the Biblezon Tablet: the first mobile tablet that allows Catholics to learn and live their faith free from distractions.

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